This is the story of love, a grandma, a mom, her babies and their favorite blankets.

Taryn's Story: On a trip to Cape Town to visit family I picked up some beautiful South African made blankets for my newborn son and instantly fell in love with the texture, quality and classic look of the cellular weave blanket. I had not seen anything like it in the US. They were woven like an adult blanket but perfectly sized and weighted for babies.

So what was so special about these blankets? For me it was the luxurious cotton weave that has a traditional classic look of a hand knitted blanket. Also the weave was loose enough to allow air to flow so baby does not overheat. At the same time the natural cotton fibers provide warmth without causing static. It was so easy to care for and machine wash and tumble dry was recommended and the blankets kept their shape perfectly. And most importantly my sons really loved them. Over the next five years we collected many of these with each visitor bringing a few for the boys.

It was time to spread the word and share this little secret.

My mother Roslyn and I established Romy & Rosie in 2010 with the mission to provide natural high quality cotton blankets.   The name Romy & Rosie is the connection between a mother and her daughter. Myself, Taryn Romy and my mother Roslyn. I am in New Jersey and my mom, Roslyn in Cape Town. Our symbol, The African elephant baby is always close by its nurturing mom, who provides guidance and selfless devotion.

Romy & Rosie, South African manufactured blankets are now being sold in stores worldwide.  

Soon to be your baby's favorite.


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